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Contact your local Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) for information on any of these programs.

MSWCC (Mississippi Soil & Water Conservation Commission)
SWCD (Soil & Water Conservation District)
MACD (Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts)
NACD (National Association of Conservation Districts)
BMP (Best Management Practices)

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Aquifer Model
Backyard Conservation
Conservation Carnivals
Conservation Grandparents
Farm Tours
Project Food, Land & People
License Tags for Conservation Education
Model Farm

Poster & Essay Contests
Sammy Soil
Soil Science Education Link
Teacher Workshops
Urban Model
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Wendy Water
Youth Camp

The following educational resources are available from local Soil & Water Conservation District Offices or from the MSWCC. Contact Susan Shedd for more information or training.


  • Conservation Tillage

  • Native Mississippi Wildflowers (brochure and slide program also available)

  • Scenic Rivers

  • Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Citizen's Guide

  • Our Little River


  • Enviroscape. A 24" x 30" table-top model to show both rural and urban nonpoint source pollution problems and solutions.

  • Aquifer Model. A table-top working model showing the flow of ground water and the science behind its conservation.


  • Earthworms, recycling and composting in the classroom. The basics of vermicomposting and constructing a fun worm farm for classroom or home use. (Pre-K - Jr. High)
  • Sam E. Soil. A coloring book story, teaches the basics of soil and water conservation. Mascot costumes are available at some SWCDs (Pre-K - 3).


  • Wendy Water. Coloring book, teaches basic water conservation and beginning exploration of water quality (Pre-K - 3).

    Please call your local Soil & Water Conservation District Office for more information on any of these programs.


The Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts Endowment fund awards scholarships each year to deserving students. Applications are available in all Soil & Water Conservation District offices. Check with your local SWCD office for deadlines and applications.


Tree Planting Week (February)

Soil & Water Stewardship Week (March)

Arbor Day (February)

Mississippi Envirothon Competition (March-May)


MSWCC Annual Report

MACD "Conservation Outlook"


(Contact us for current issues)


  • ADVENTURE WITH A TREE. A fun video teaching the importance of trees in our environment. (Pre-K - 3)
  • OH, GIVE ME A HOME. Video and 40 creative learning activities, glossary and resource guide teaching water quality and nonpoint source pollution awareness. (K - 5)
  • THE UNCLEAR FUTURE OF CLEAR CREEK. A nonpoint source pollution education video and 29 lesson plans. (Grades 5 - 12)

Annual Awards:

Outstanding Conservation Education Teacher / Secondary
Outstanding Conservation Education Teacher / Elementary

These awards are given yearly and recognized at the Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts in January. They spotlight the Conservation Education efforts of individual teachers in local schools who integrate responsible conservation awareness into their everyday classroom curriculum.

Carnivals / Field Days:

Local SWCDs organize and conduct educational hands-on field days to provide school age students an opportunity to participate in conservation activities in various natural resource areas. Local and state resource professionals, as well as trained volunteers, conduct the stops and lead or guide the groups in the learning process. The event is often held at local parks or environmental sites, as well as at some schools. The age span varies from kindergarten to eighth grade, depending on the local SWCD. However, fifth grade is the most popular grade attending Carnivals.

Farm Tours

The MSWCC works with a Soil & Water Conservation District and a local landowner to schedule a tour of installed conservation measures in the production agriculture environment. These tours not only demonstrate the reality of an installed Best Management Practice (BMP), but also give those observing the process a hands-on look at the results of using such a conservation practice. Touring these farms along with District personnelo and Commissioners are other farmers, the general public, local media representatives and local municipal or county officials.

Food, Land & People

FLP is a nonprofit, interdisciplinary, supplementary educational program emphasizing agriculture, the environment, people of the world, and their relaitonships. This nationwide PreK-12 agricultural-environmental education curriculum project provides hundreds of high-quality, objective and easily-integrated curriculum materials. The MSWCC participates and trains teachers and facilitators and is a co-sponsor of this program with USDA/NRCS, MS Farm Bureau, and other state and federal agencies and organizations.

License Tags for Conservation Education.

Help support Conservation Education:

During the 2000 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed the MSWCC's proposal for a distinctive license, with the special tag fee to go into a fund for conservation education. The design on the license plate is a native Mississippi wildflower, theBlack-eyed Susan. These tags are available in local county Tax Collector offices for a $30 fee in addition to your regular license fees.

Poster & Essay Contest:

A Conservation Education Poster / Essay Contest is held yearly. The poster contest is divided by grade levels, K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12. The rules and topic (which is usually the Soil Stewardship topic from NACD) are sent to local districts in the fall with the entries (posters or essays) due in the local SWCD office in the spring. The posters are judged on the local, area and state level with the state winners being entered in the national contest. The essay contest has the same theme but is conducted in grades 7-12 and is only judged on the local, area and state level. The awards on the state level are US Savings Bonds.

Teacher Workshops:

The Commission conducts teacher workshops on Conservation Education in the Classroom at local schools, state subject area conferences, Environmental Education conferences, and other educational meetings and summer workshops. These may be in support of the two curriculums we distribute or developed for the needs of the target audience. In addition, Education Specialists can assist is scheduling workshops for Project Learning Tree and Project Wet. Contact Susan Shedd.

Mississippi Envirothon:

The Mississippi Envirothon is a hands-on educational environmental competition for students in grades 9-12 who compete as five-member teams. They prepare in the areas of soils, aquatics, forestry, wildlife, and a current environmental issue that changes each year. They compete on the area level in March to earn the right to compete at the state contest in May. The state champions advance to the international Envirothon in the summer as Mississippi's representative. The state program is funded by a grant from The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Contact Clay Burns.

Link to Envirothon site.

Go to Mississippi Envirothon page.

Soil & Water Conservation Youth Camp:

The Mississippi Soil & Water Conservation Youth Camp is held at Hinds Community College in Raymond the first week of June, starting on Sunday evening and concluding at noon on Thursday. The camp is designed to make learning about conserving our natural resources fun as well as educational. Participants from high schools in each SWCD are exposed to all aspects of soil and water conservation including cropland, grassland, woodland, and wildlife. This is achieved through hands-on activities conducted by local and state resource professionals, field trips, and planned recreation. If you are a student or you know of one who is interested in attending, call your local SWCD.

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